Red duck curry of roasted duck breast with cherry tomatoes, lychees and Thai basil


I recently went to the new Thai place in Hutt Street – Kin Kin Thai Eatery (not to be confused with Kin Thai in Waymouth Street, where I still haven’t been yet). It’s down at the southern end of Hutt – next to Kenji.  It’s a pretty cool, simple fit out with a wall of happy and colourful photos of Thai scenes, people and food to the left as you enter. It was quite busy for a cold Wednesday night – about half full.  I was told that Kin Kin loosely means eating and enjoying food together.

I liked the look of the menu – it definitely has a street food bent. The two of us were both pretty hungry so decided not to hold back (actually, come to think of it, when have I ever held back when it comes to eating).  For starters, I wanted to try their Tord Mun Pla and it was excellent.  Dollops of fried fish cake with green beans, kaffir lime leaf and curry paste topped with chilli, peanut and cucumber relish.  This was a really well balanced dish with great texture.  I haven’t seen fish cake served up this way before. For me this was the dish of the night.  Another thing that was a little different was the Thai wafers with shredded chicken breast, coconut and Thai herb salad.  We really enjoyed these too.  The wafer was nice and crisp and the filling was light.  We also had the pork and prawn steamed wontons, which probably could have more aptly been called siu mai.  They weren’t too bad, but I’m pretty picky when it comes to these – I’ve had so many in my time.  They were good texture but nothing to write home about.

For mains we had the Red duck curry of roasted duck breast with cherry tomatoes, lychees and Thai basil. It looked great, and it was quite nice but the duck was sliced a little too thinly and the curry was lacking that richness and depth of flavour that I’ve had elsewhere. The Pork rib – twice cooked with crispy shallot, spicy palm sugar and tamarind sauce was very tasty indeed and well cooked. It was bordering on being just a tad too sweet, but we really liked it.

We were disappointed with the Steamed silken tofu with mushroom, ginger & soy. When I think about it, it really doesn’t go with the rest of the menu. The tofu and the sauce were too bland and it was totally overpowered by the other boldly-flavoured dishes.  But of course we had to try the Pad Thai with chicken and prawns and I’m happy to report, it was definitely good, and one of the better ones I’ve had.  The noodles were perfect – they still had that slight chew to them. We wolfed this Pad Thai down in a flash.

We even went on to share a couple of desserts – The Thai milk tea soft serve – nice, but probably not the greatest option on a cold night, but LOVED the Khanom Co smoked jasmine-infused caramelised coconut dumplings served in warm coconut cream. This light, comforting dessert was warm, salty and sweet all in one, and the salty coconut cream hit the spot. I could have eaten more.

Overall, we had a good time and enjoyed the experience. The service was friendly and the ambience was pleasant.  I’d definitely go again.


Kin Kin Thai Eatery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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