Hi, and WELCOME!!!

Being completely food obsessed, I think about food morning, noon and night!  I love cooking and cook whenever I get the chance, but I love eating out too and I collect a business card from every restaurant I eat at (I currently have over 1000 cards).

My quest each year is to be able to say I’ve dined at every single restaurant on the Australian Gourmet Traveller Top 100 list and I achieved that for the first time with the 2016 list (no, I didn’t dine at them all in one year – visits in previous years still count). Of course, the list changes every year so now it’s a matter of dining at all of the new ones that make it onto the list.  I’m no food snob though, I also love noodles (oh boy, do I LOVE noodles!!), cheap eats and takeaway!

I was born in Hobart, Tasmania and lived there most of my life but I now reside in Adelaide, South Australia. I work full time, plus I’m a professional singer/pianist, performing most weekends.  In 2007 I graduated with a Master of Arts in Gastronomy through Le Cordon Bleu/University of Adelaide.

You’ll see that I tend to write about the places that I’ve enjoyed.  If I’ve had a bad experience, I’d rather provide constructive feedback directly to the establishment than tell the whole world about it.

All of the photos on this site I’ve taken.  I’m just a happy snapper with an iPhone, so you may need to be a bit forgiving with some of my pics, especially those taken in dark restaurants!

This blog is about recording and sharing my food adventures. You’ll also find me on Facebook “Jacqui’s Food Fetish” and on Instagram @jacquisfoodfetish

Please leave your email address at ‘SUBSCRIBE TO GET EMAIL UPDATES’ to follow my life of food obsession!  If you’d like to get in touch, please feel free to send me a message below.


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