Hi, and WELCOME!!!

My life is dedicated to food!

Over the years I’ve dined at more than 350 ever-changing Top 100 and Top 50 restaurants around the country, plus a number of World’s 50 Best and Michelin Star restaurants.

Based in Adelaide, I’m a passionate, active supporter and promoter of the food and wine industry – restaurants, producers and suppliers. I connect people with food and connect people through food.

I’ve graduated with a Master of Arts in Gastronomy through Le Cordon Bleu/University of Adelaide, am a judge for the new Eat Easy Awards and co-owner of the award-winning Soi 38 Thai restaurant in Adelaide.

On this site, you’ll see that I tend to write about the places that I’ve enjoyed.  If I’ve had a bad experience, I’d rather provide constructive feedback directly to the establishment than tell the whole world about it.

I grab a business card from every restaurant I eat at and currently have around 1,500 cards in my collection. I also love cooking so I’ve included some of my favourite recipes here too.

This blog is about recording and sharing my food adventures. You’ll also find me on Facebook “Jacqui’s Food Fetish” and on Instagram @jacquisfoodfetish

Please leave your email address at ‘SUBSCRIBE TO GET EMAIL UPDATES’ to follow my life of food obsession!  If you’d like to get in touch, please feel free to send me a message below.


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