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I’ve been to Sean’s Kitchen a few times now, and I have to say, I like it.  The first time I wasn’t that impressed, but it didn’t help that I dined that night with a fussy eater who wasn’t very hungry – it didn’t make sharing very exciting, plus our waitress was a little over-attentive.  But I’ve since become a convert.  Firstly, I love the fit out – it’s bright and airy with a combination of wood, cane and tiles – quite a change from when it was North restaurant. There’s a long bar and a long open kitchen, which I love, and they sensibly retained the al fresco dining area which is great in good weather, even if some of the tables are a bit too small to seat two.  Secondly, the menu – there’s a great selection with something for everyone, including fish, chicken, lamb, beef, prawns, mushrooms and pasta.  There’s raw stuff and there’s fried stuff, there’s salads and there’s huge steaks.  There’s even the have-to-have-on-every-menu burger and chips!  Thirdly, great atmosphere.  It’s always busy and buzzing with chatty people out for a good time.

You’ll find Sean’s Kitchen on Station Road at the Adelaide Casino, just before the valet parking desk.  It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it’s relatively simple food cooked really well.  I’ve tried so many things there, I won’t talk about all of the dishes but the outstanding ones for me have been the Grain Fed T-Bone (1.2kg) to share with Ortiz anchovy butter.  So much meat on that bone, and cooked perfectly, as was the Scotch fillet with miso hollandaise – absolute perfection – one of those dishes I can’t stop thinking about.  I also loved the International Flight of Ham.  I am a huge fan of ham, oh yes, yes I am – hey, that rhymes!  And then there’s the theatrics of the Pea and parmesan risotto – brought to the table in a clear cylinder which is lifted to leave the risotto in the bowl.  The duck pie floater was a gorgeous looking dish, but it doesn’t seem to be on the current menu.

I’m really pleased that Sean’s Kitchen came to Adelaide.  For me, it’s another good, solid, reliable eatery. Sean Connolly himself sometimes makes a guest appearance when he’s in town.  Give this place a visit.  I can’t comment on their breakfasts, but I’ve certainly enjoyed my dinners there.

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