KAFFANA, Adelaide


Want to know where to go in Adelaide for some good Serbian food? Kaffana in Peel Street. This, I’m happy to say, is a meat lover’s paradise! MMmeeeeaaaaat, and lots of it! Beef, pork, veal, chicken, plus a smattering of seafood – but fear not, my vego friends – there are also a few non-meat options.

Kaffana is a family affair, owned by brothers Peter and Nick Vujik. The menu is structured around tapas and Mains and Meat Platters. It’s casual and has a pretty relaxed feel with quirky wait staff.

Wine was the first consideration. The wines are really well priced – we went for a bottle of Ulithorne GSM from McLaren Vale. I discovered Ulithorne wines a few years back and am quite keen on them. Food-wise, we chose a bit of a mixed bag – cabbage rolls, prawns, quail and pork ribs.

The Sarma, or cabbage rolls, are pickled cabbage leaves filled with pork, beef and rice, slow cooked and served with a side of yoghurt. They tasted good. I felt they were a little soft, but my dining partner who happens to be European, told me that’s exactly how they’re supposed to be. Who am I to argue? My knowledge of cabbage rolls is just about zilch – apart from my disastrous attempt to cook some about 25 year ago, an effort never to be repeated again!

Onto the prawns – oh, the prawns – marinated in garlic and chilli with a dash of cream. These were just too good! Served very simply, they didn’t look all that exciting, but oh, soooo full of flavour! I want more! The quail (Prepelica) is a specialty – char-grilled, dry marinated and glazed with garlic, parsley and lemon juice. Plump and succulent little things, they were! I’d have this again too!

And then… the ribs… the Kaffana ribs – also a specialty – char-grilled baby back pork ribs, dry rubbed in Kaffana’s spices and topped with aged parsley and garlic glaze. When they were delivered to the table, they were a sight for sore eyes – NICE RACK! Best looking rack I’ve seen – just check out the pic! And they tasted just as good. They could have been a little more meaty, but that’s my only criticism.

I did mention there are a few vegetarian options available – a vegetarian version of the cabbage rolls, corn bread, Serbian baked beans, Char-grilled mushrooms and the Meze featuring capsicum relish, cheese curd and char grilled peppers. All sound really good too.

This place is fun, and it wasn’t long before we were chatting to the group who were sitting at the next table. Not only is it fun, the food is damn good. I can’t wait to go back here to try some more dishes – particularly the Mixed Meat Platter (ribs, cevapcici, chicken and pork skewers, mini beef/pork patties), or the dry aged T-Bone. Bring it on!!

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