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I hadn’t heard much about Gondola Gondola – no one I know had relayed any goss’ to me on the place or the food. But, I was curious. I’d walked past a couple of times so I decided a visit was in order.

Owners Annie Liang and Tuoi Tran were lucky to score this great location at the northern end of Peel Street on the corner of Hindley. Gondola Gondola is a South East Asian eatery and Read more

KAFFANA, Adelaide


Want to know where to go in Adelaide for some good Serbian food? Kaffana in Peel Street. This, I’m happy to say, is a meat lover’s paradise! MMmeeeeaaaaat, and lots of it! Beef, pork, veal, chicken, plus a smattering of seafood – but fear not, my vego friends – there are also a few non-meat options.

Kaffana is a family affair, owned by brothers Read more