You’ll find Ginza Miyako on the first floor of the Stamford Plaza Hotel, fronting onto North Terrace – I’ve had quite a few meals there and it’s stood the test of time, opening six years ago.

The food you get at Ginza Miyako has always been a little different to other Japanese food in Adelaide. Under former chef Kazuki Ushiro San, the menu was a union of French and Japanese cuisines. Now chef Jason Goh has taken over the kitchen serving up a brand new Japanese fusion menu using locally sourced produce.

Goh is an expert in a number of cuisines and has worked in top restaurants and hotels around the world. His experience spans Japanese, French, Argentinian, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, modern Asian and modern Australian and he’s also adept in baking and pastry. This broad experience is certainly reflected in his current dishes.

When done well, I’ve always been a fan of fusion food, and I was lucky enough to be invited to try some of the dishes that are featuring on the new menu.

First up, a plate of beautiful nigiri sushi – kingfish with a nice spicy miso chilli paste, hot-smoked swordfish wrapped in prosciutto with garlic cream, and tuna with truffle salt and brown butter emulsion. Really nicely done, each piece with it’s own individual flavour experience. Then, smoked Himeji kingfish with tapioca pearls, a Vietnamese fish sauce dressing and passionfruit sorbet.

Next up, soft shell crab with ume, yuzu and honey, alongside a most delicious dish of Singapore-style spicy crab capellini with egg, kombu and spring onion (pasta with crab – what’s not to like!). This was followed by Goh’s take on ‘sea and land’ – a miso-based risotto with silky salmon confit, prawn, a perfectly seared scallop, crispy pork, Japanese pickle and mustard leaf.

And the food kept coming – good thing I’m a well-trained eating machine! Confit duck with turnip, sweet potato and daikon, and I always go weak at the knees when someone puts a good steak dish down in front of me – scotch fillet on roasted eggplant miso purée with dijon, seeded mustard, wasabi and teriyaki.

At Ginza Miyako you’ll get a multicultural, refined fusion experience that you won’t get anywhere else in Adelaide. They also offer a good range of sake and a well-priced wine list. If it’s been a while since you’ve been, or if it’s your first time, it’s worth booking in to try something a little different.


One comment

  • Chris and Janice

    Great review. Huge range of tastes and definitely fusion. Cf the old Kenji?

    Off to Martini/Pikes on Wednesday, will send full report providing we are vertical.

    Bonne journée!



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