HOT POT SEASON at Golden Dragon Palace, Adelaide


I swear Adelaide winters have gotten colder since I moved here nine years ago – BRRRRR!!! But the guys at Golden Dragon Palace on Hutt Street have come up with the perfect solution to warm you up – it’s hot pot season and for the winter months they’re offering a couple of tasty hot pot options.

Being Chinese, I grew up with hot pots – you couldn’t even see the table as it was covered with so many plates and bowls of different foods ready to be cooked in the pot of simmering stock in the middle of the table and then eaten with various sauces. I still do them at home now, but not very often.

So I was very grateful to be invited to try the Deluxe Dragon Hot Pot at Golden Dragon Palace. This deluxe version includes a big pot of tasty chicken and goji berri stock that sits on a small gas burner in the middle of your table,  a plate of Wagyu beef slices and a plate of green lip abalone with glass noodles, tofu and shitake mushrooms . Both the Wagyu and abalone are locally sourced. Abalone is such a treat for me.  When I lived in Tasmania, I had people who would regularly give them to me but since I moved, I’ve hardly had any apart from the occasional restaurant meal.

So, this is how it works – when the stock is simmering, you put a few slices of the beef or abalone in until it’s cooked, take it out, and eat with the dipping sauce! The slices were so nice and thin, we were actually enjoying just taking individual pieces of each and holding them in the stock just for a few seconds with our chopsticks – and it was as quick as that – you don’t want to overcook this stuff!  And the great thing about hotpots is the stock – yes it starts off tasty, but by the time you finish, it’s bursting with flavour from all of the goodies you’ve been cooking in it.  This deluxe version designed for two people is $99, and to make a meal of it, you’ll probably want to order another main dish from the menu.  Of course, it was a no brainer for me – I ordered my favourite dish of Stir-fried scallops with clear vermicelli and XO sauce.

If abalone and wagyu aren’t your thing, the other offering is the Hong Kong Style Chicken Hot Pot that’s served with a seafood and vegetable platter at $58. This option is eaten as two separate courses.  First, eat the chicken hot pot then the broth is added to the pot and you can then cook your seafood and vegetables.

Hotpot-style eating is so much fun, and a bit of a novelty, so book in now and have one while they’re still on offer. You’ll need to request the hotpot specifically when you book.



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