There’s a lot of dim sum out there. There’s dim sum that makes you shrug rather unenthusiastically and go “yeah, it’s ok” and then there’s dim sum that makes you wild with excitement when it’s brought to the table because it looks so good – and not only that, it IS so good! Dim sum of the latter variety can be found at Dragon Palace at Cockburn (yes, it’s an unfortunate city name that, I have to admit, made me giggle a little, but I’m assured that it’s not pronounced how it’s spelled). You can find Dragon Palace at the Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre, and there’s another one at Northbridge.

I have quite a few relatives in Perth and what does any good Chinese family do when they get together? They do yum cha!! It was my uncle that suggested Dragon Palace. He lives relatively close by and had been there before. It’s a classy place with a nice fit-out. Plenty of space to wheel those food trolleys through!

The food was excellent – all of it. High quality and so fresh! We ate so much I thought I was about to go into labour! I loved it so much I made everyone go back again two days later!

Dragon Palace Cockburn Gateway Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  • You had me at dim sum….and then you mentioned tripe…..ewww 😦 I have traumatic childhood memories of my mum stewing this with onions and parsley, and the smell pervading the house…shudders 🙂

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