Seafood dumplings - prawn, fish, coriander and chives with a soy chilli sauce


Giallo, which means ‘yellow’ in Italian, is a small restaurant/wine bar tucked away at far-east Rundle Street in Kent Town. It’s been open for three years now but there are still a lot of people who don’t know it’s there. Even though it’s right there on Rundle Street, it doesn’t really stand out so it’s easy to drive right past it, even if you’re looking for it! It’s a relatively small place with some indoor seating as well as an outdoor area at the front.  When you go in the evening, it has a really nice dim light ambience – good for a romantic night!

This was the fourth time I’d been in the three years. The food’s always been reasonably good, but on this visit, it was definitely their best meal yet. Owner Goran Trivic tells us that since opening, the menu has morphed from being primarily Italian to modern Australian, now showing Mediterranean, Spanish and even Asian influences. As much as I love Italian food, I really like the latest menu. It’s made up of Tapas, Second Plates (mains), sides and desserts. All dishes are designed to share, even the mains. It’s a great way to try more things. There were four of us so we shared four tapas dishes, four mains and a side.

My immediate choice was the Seafood dumplings with prawn, fish, coriander and chives and a soy chilli sauce. They’re steamed before being pan seared. They not only looked good but they tasted good. They were well-made dumplings, packed with filling. I’d certainly have these again. We also had the Carpaccio di Manzo – thinly sliced raw beef with basil, diced tomato, black olives and grano padano. A nice, fresh dish with subtle but good flavours.

I wouldn’t normally order it but really enjoyed the Shaw River buffalo mozzarella with olive tapenade, basil pesto and lemon. The mozzarella was creamy and the tapenade, pesto and lemon combination made for a tasty dish.  The Tuna tataki with sesame and poppy seeds was excellent. We all could have had more of this, and I would certainly go back and have this again. The tuna is marinated in soy and quickly pan seared so it is still raw in the centre, and served with a soy chilli and lime dipping sauce. It was a generous serving and beautifully presented.

Ocean trout is one of my favourite fish so I was happy that it just happened to be the fish of the day. It came pan-roasted on a bed of celeriac, broccolini, garlic and fresh lime. The fish was cooked beautifully – still rare in the centre, just the way I like it. Once again, presented really well.  The Grass-fed scotch fillet was also cooked to perfection – beautifully medium-rare, served with roasted carrots, beets and an olive porcini butter. A really good piece of meat – good texture and full of flavour – I could have eaten the whole steak myself!

The Spencer gulf prawns are flambéed with Ricard, garlic and parsley and they come sitting on a bed of rocket and fennel, drizzled with lemon and lime. Gorgeous, big prawns – we loved them. There were five big prawns for the four of us so we were all politely trying to get someone to eat the last one, even though we secretly all really wanted it ourselves.  I don’t usually order gnocchi but I’m glad we ordered it this time. It’s homemade potato gnocchi with oven roasted pumpkin, spinach, Gorgonzola and roasted walnuts. It was a hearty and super-rich dish and anyone who’s a Gorgonzola fan will love it!

Food-wise, it was a pretty much perfect meal. There wasn’t a dish that we didn’t like and I was really pleasantly surprised. Everything was presented well and had good flavours. My only slight criticism would be that they could work on being a little more warm and welcoming and build a bit more of a rapport with you, which is what I would expect to experience in a small, cosy place like this. Regardless, if you haven’t been to Giallo yet, definitely give it a go.

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