KALYE, Adelaide



It’s about time someone brought Filipino food to the Adelaide dining scene, and here it is at last – Kalye (‘street’).  It’s Filipino food, and it’s the authentic street food you’ll find in the Philippines.  It’s colourful, it’s fun, but most importantly, it’s delicious.  I’m certainly no authority on this cuisine – I’ve had a little bit in my time, due to my sister-in-law and her family hailing from the Philippines, but my friend who’s a Filipino chef assures me that you won’t get much more authentic than this!

And it’s certainly bringing the Adelaide Filipino population out in droves – and that’s a good sign!  There was a huge contingent the night I was there, coming and going, all looking very happy with the food. The place was full the whole time we were there, with people waiting for a seat.  But don’t worry if you can’t get a seat – you can also take away.

It’s a great concept – ultra casual, bright, a big rustic wooden table, some smaller tables, a high bench, food served in cardboard containers, and the smell of that BBQ grill is something special.  It doesn’t seat too many, but there is a little spare space for them to consider another table or perhaps bench seating across the front window, and they need some higher stools to make eating at their bench a better option.  The menu is small but adequate. Even though I’d be more than happy to order exactly what I ate again, I’d suggest a weekly special for the regulars.  What they do provide though, is the option to just order the skewers, chicken pieces, pork belly, etc. or upgrade  these to the ‘meal’ which adds rice, pickled green papaya, salad and a dipping sauce.

We couldn’t go past ordering the Sizzling Pork Belly Sisig – juicy grilled and finely diced pork belly served with onions, pork crackling, egg and mayo on a sizzling plate.  Simply packed with flavour – definite YUM-factor!  You can even customise your sisig – include or exclude an egg, and have more, less or no chilli.  We also had a couple of Chicky-Q Skewers – tender chargrilled chicken pieces with homemade marinade.  They looked great, were cooked perfectly, and had a nice hint of sweetness.  Getting the squid balls was a no-brainer (love squid balls!), and the Kwek Kwek were a real treat – quail eggs with a creamy yolk, wrapped in pork mince and crispy fried in an orange batter.

The enthusiastic and friendly Kalye team needs to be congratulated on doing a fine job in bringing Filipino food to Adelaide.

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