Sexy Fig Salad


Jamie Oliver's Fig Salad


This is so easy and so good – not only does it look great, it’s delicious!  This is a recipe from Jamie Oliver: “The Easiest Sexiest Salad in the World”… and it possibly is. 🙂

Simply criss-cross your fresh figs with a knife but not quite to the bottom and open them up slightly to reveal  the insides.  Place them in a dish and weave some torn up prosciutto around them, throw some slices of buffalo mozzarella or baby bocconcini in and throw over some torn up basil leaves.

Make a dressing of extra virgin olive oil, lemon or orange juice, honey, sea salt and black pepper and pour over.  Done!  I’ve also made it with a sexy oozy burrata in the middle rather than the mozzarella.


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