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SHOBOSHO, Adelaide


Simon Kardachi has done it again. In conjunction with Adelaide-born chef Adam Liston, he’s transformed the old Leigh Street Bollywood site into an Asian barbecue restaurant and bar, Shobosho. And, in line with his other 8 ventures including Osteria Oggi, Press Food & Wine and the Pot Food & Wine, Kardachi has once again been successful in creating a quality venue based around the concept of large and small share plates Read more

TOP 100 QUEST: ACME, Sydney


When I was growing up my dad used to cook stir-fried spaghetti – Chinese ingredients, substituting spaghetti for Asian noodles. It made perfect sense to me. I think this is where I grew to love the texture and slipperiness of spaghetti and for me, it’s still a big comfort food – I could literally eat a bucketful. Speaking with people over the years, I came to learn Read more




I hadn’t heard much about Gondola Gondola – no one I know had relayed any goss’ to me on the place or the food. But, I was curious. I’d walked past a couple of times so I decided a visit was in order.

Owners Annie Liang and Tuoi Tran were lucky to score this great location at the northern end of Peel Street on the corner of Hindley. Gondola Gondola is a South East Asian eatery and Read more

KANGKONG, Adelaide

Twice Cooked Crispy Pork Hock, atcharang papaya, tomato, soy


After all of the hype leading up to its opening, I was very excited when I scored a booking at Kangkong on a Saturday night only one week after they’d opened.  I’d been so looking forward to trying this place after what I’d read about it in the media and seen on Facebook.  My friends and I had been waiting eagerly for this ‘cool new Asian place with funky bar’ (Gypsy Dragon) to open.  I had high expectations – and was hoping for a place of similar ilk as Adelaide’s Gin Long Canteen or Golden Boy.  Is it? Read more