MI MERO MOLE, Adelaide

Quesadillas de hongos - blue corn tortilla with cheese and mushrooms


When the question “Do you like Mexican food?” has been asked, I’ve always had the same reply – “I’m not really sure, I don’t think I’ve really ever had real Mexican food.” Yes, I’d been to some ‘Mexican’ restaurants in Australia in my time but I’ve never overly enjoyed the food, and I remember at one place it was more about how many fishbowl margaritas you could down before happy hour finished rather than a focus on the food itself.

Enter Daniella from Mexico City – food obsessed with a passion for cooking and sharing her food. A marine biologist by trade, Daniella moved to Australia in 2009 with her partner Kor and became increasingly keen to introduce her cuisine to the locals and from her thought “Why not invite people to my home to try authentic Mexican?” was borne ‘Mi Mero Mole’, an expression reflecting one’s specialty – in this case, it’s Mexican cuisine.

Daniella describes Mi Mero Mole as an underground dining experience. Sounds very mysterious! What’s underground dining? It happens in places where food is often cooked by passionate foodies rather than a qualified chef – places where you can find dishes you won’t normally find in a restaurant.  For Mi Mero Mole, this place is Daniella’s house and to add to the ‘secrecy’ the address won’t be given to you until a few days before you dine. I love it!

And there are up to 16 guests at a time. Either you can join others, or you can make up your own party of 12 or more and enjoy a dinner party with your friends.  And that’s exactly what it feels like – like you’re at a dinner party.  We had our own private group of 13 and it was so much fun.  And it’s completely BYO alcohol – we took good wines and a couple of bottles of tequila made the table as well! There’s no set cost per head – rather a suggested minimum donation.

From the moment you walk in, you know you’re going to have a good time. Daniella and partner Kor are warm and welcoming and you enjoy pre-dinner nibbles and drinks in the kitchen area before heading out to the dining table. You can even join in with the cooking if you like. I got to make a couple of tortillas using the press and cooked them on the hot plate.

Our menu started with THE BEST corn on the cob. I love corn but this was covered with cream-mayo, fresh cheese and chilli and was out of this world. I would have been happy eating that all night. We then had a black bean soup with strips of crunchy tortilla and cheese. This was followed by ‘Tostadas de tinga’, a crispy flat tortilla with shredded chicken and onions done in a tomato and smoked chipotle chilli sauce.  Then, Quesadilla de hongos – beautiful folded blue corn tortillas filled with mozzarella cheese and mushrooms cooked with epazote.  The final savoury was beef mixiote – parcels filled with beef seasoned with dried chiillies, cinnamon and oregano. And to finish, everyone’s favourite – Churros and Mexican hot chocolate.

We had a fantastic, fun night and simply loved all of the food. Daniella and Kor came and joined us for a drink at the end of the night. Mi Mero Mole is an experience not to miss so book in now!  I’m already looking forward to the next time.

Thanks to Daniella and Mi Mero Mole, now when people ask me if I like Mexican food, I can say without hesitation, ‘Yes.’



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