Spaghetti alle vongole


My partner and I just arrived back from a two week trip to Italy. We went over for a wedding in the small town of Biella, west of Milan, but thought we’d take the opportunity to visit a few other spots. We decided to keep the planning to a minimum and just see where the road (or the train) took us. Starting with a night in Milan, we ended up going south to Rapallo, Vernazza (Cinque Terre) then back up to Biella, Torino (Turin) and then returning to Milan.

But enough about the itinerary – let’s get onto the food! In short, it was absolutely amazing. We seriously didn’t have a bad meal. Italian food is so simple and so good, I completely overindulged every day, most days doing a pasta dish for lunch followed by another for dinner – and that’s just for starters! I literally went pasta mad! Spaghetti, spaghetti, SPAGHETTI! I love spaghetti and can eat it by the bucketful, but I wouldn’t dream of carbing up on it every day at home! In fact, I was going for any long thin pasta – trenette, bavette, tagliatelle, tagliolini, linguine – you name it, I ate it! One thing for sure is we definitely overcook our pasta here at home and I really enjoyed eating it as it should be served– truly al dente – firm to the bite.

It was fun every day searching for places to have lunch and dinner, stumbling on trattorias and ristorantes and checking out the menus. Anything without a pasta dish that tickled my fancy didn’t make the cut! A couple of traditional regional dishes that frequently featured were Risotto alla Milanese which is beautiful rich golden colour due to the use of saffron, sometimes served with osso bucco, and then there is the Cotoletta (veal cutlet). Of course, there were lots of tomatoes to be had, as well as eggplant and porcini mushrooms but it was hard to get a serve of green vegetables apart from zucchini. And the thing I was really looking forward to in Italy was the truffles, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! In Torino we were staying close to a little restaurant that was based on truffles – ‘I Tartufo’. In the same town we also found a Michelin Star restaurant ‘Del Cambio’ and had dinner there which was quite the experience!

Below are my photos from the trip. Oh, and I believe in Italy they also have some nice buildings and scenery and stuff… 😉












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