The Birth of Jacqui’s Food Fetish

Advertiser Article


This is the article that, along with some encouragement from friends, was the catalyst for starting my “Jacqui’s Food Fetish” Facebook page last year.  The article, written by Kylie Fleming, well known SA food writer, featured in the Adelaide Advertiser.  I’d been posting mainly food photos on my personal Facebook page for quite a while and I was pretty sure that I was annoying a lot of my friends who didn’t give two hoots about seeing what I was eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I was really pleased when a lot of my friends actually ‘Liked’ my new foodie page, as well as quite a few people I didn’t even know.  That was very exciting… Finally I had a licence to post food photos, guilt-free!  Since then I’ve had so much fun with it, and I still do – however, I’ve found my Facebook page a bit frustrating in a couple of ways.  Firstly, when you set up a ‘business’ type page, Facebook chooses how many people will get to see your post.  So you can spend time writing a great post with fantastic photos, and Facebook will choose to push it out to only 50 people – and then sometimes it will choose to push a post out to 450 people.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this, so it’s pot luck and it’s SO annoying.  And of course, this is strategic – they simply want you to pay them money to increase your reach or ‘Boost your post’.

My second major frustration with Facebook is that on these types of pages, it will just randomly delete posts whenever they want.  This means, I was losing the restaurant reviews I’d been writing – never to be seen again.  GRRRRR!!!!

So… again, with encouragement from friends, this blog,, was borne.  I wanted somewhere to record my food adventures and have full control over it, and know I have a full history of my writings and photos.  And I’m LOVING IT!  Yes, being a techno-dinosaur, I spent many, many hours learning the content management system, but I now have the satisfaction of saying I developed the site myself.

Thanks for visiting and reading my posts, even if it’s only occasionally, and thanks especially to those of you who’ve subscribed to this blog to get my updates.  It makes me truly happy.  🙂


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