Sticky pork and morcilla croqueta


I’d been meaning to go to this place for a long time now – it’s been on the Top 100 list for some years, so I was glad to finally get there.  It was a bit of a special occasion as it also marked the final Top 100 restaurant in Victoria that I had to do from the current list.

Matt McConnell’s Bar Lourinha is a narrow tapas bar in Little Collins Street, and it’s a great place to enjoy a casual Iberian eating and drinking experience.  It was Monday lunchtime and I was a little surprised that it wasn’t more busy.  There were three of us and only one other table of two, and a couple of people having a meeting on the couches.

We weren’t on a time limit so we settled in for a long graze.  An Apple Margarita sounded like an excellent start – tequila, apple liqueur, Cointreau and lime.  A good choice indeed – I stayed on these for the entire lunch and didn’t even check out the wine list!

To begin, a bowl of the roasted green chilli peppers.  Be warned, we were told, as one in every five is super-hot, and this turned out to be true.  Really enjoyable, and good fun when we hit the hot ones – more cold margaritas required, of course.

We decided to follow this with a bit of a meat-fest.  How could anyone go past the Sticky pork and morcilla croqueta –  beautiful golden sexy beasts – yes, yes, yes!  The Smashed chorizo, free range eggs and chicharones was everything I’ve ever wanted in a dish.  Then we followed this with the very rustic Roasted free range chicken with coriander potatoes, the beef from the daily specials and the Twice cooked free range pork, apple and cous cous.  No complaints from me.  All good.

And of course, to finish, we had to share a serve of Churros and Dulce de leche.

I liked the casualness of this place.  Really relaxing.  This is certainly a good choice for a great tapas experience.

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