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Never before has a restaurant made me want to put on my best floral frock and frolick in the fields (I’m so not the floral-frolicker type) – nor has anywhere made my mind race, thinking of all of the future special occasions that I could possibly celebrate there. Never, until now. Never, until I discovered Sault in Daylesford.  And hell, this place even Read more

TOP 100 QUEST: LAKE HOUSE, Daylesford


Some months ago, a friend and I embarked on a Top 100 tour of regional Victoria.  After going to four fantastic restaurants in a row and having some of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had, I was wondering how good Lake House could possibly be – it was the last destination of the trip, and maybe I’d had too much good food within too short a time (is there such a problem?).  I thought Read more