SALO SALO, Adelaide

Crispy Pata - crisp, golden pork hock


Ok, I’m certainly no officianado when it comes to Filipino food – in fact, it’s a cuisine that’s relatively new for me, but I know tasty food when I eat it.  Salo Salo is a small, casual eatery on Henley Beach Road, Mile End.  It’s not too far from my office and it’s open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.  Salo Salo is a Filipino term meaning ‘eating together’.  I’m always looking for something new to go to when I get the chance to get out for lunch, so a colleague and I were excited to try this out.  It’s a super casual place and the fit out is pretty plain. But it’s not the venue itself you go for, it’s the food.

Now having said that I’m not a Filipino food officianado, let me say that my colleague and I are certainly chicken wing lovers and ‘experts’ and so we ordered the wings straight away. They are Filipino-style fried chicken wings and they were a simple, great crispy start to our meal.

Another thing that excites me about Salo Salo is the fact that that they don’t shy away from serving what some might find a little confronting.  For example their Kare-Kare is an oxtail stew in peanut sauce – and it not only includes tripe but it’s also served with super-pungent shrimp paste. Dee-lish!  This is the stinky stuff that makes my stepsons run for the hills when I’m cooking with it!  (I’m thinking I only have a small number of friends I can call on to share this dish with with me!)  Another excellent dish is the Sizzling Sisig which is made from boiled, grilled and chopped pig’s ears and cheek cooked in onion and spices and served on a sizzling plate with a freshly cracked egg on top.  Full of flavour and texturally great, it’s very rich so this is a good dish to share with a buddy and some rice (and why not try their Garlic rice which is a winner).

But fear not – those of you who are a little more conservative, there are plenty of non-offal offerings!  I’ve since been back and had the Chop suey with quail eggs.  You can have this as vegetarian option but I had the version that included chicken.  And, the Crispy Pata – a Crispy golden pork hock with a vinegar-based dipping sauce was as good as it was enormous!  Must have been a dang big pig!  We couldn’t finish it and ended up with a takeaway pack.

So, if you want to try something new, and like something a bit different – head to Salo Salo – one of a few Filipino places that have opened in Adelaide recently.


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